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Sixth Annual Hearts of Gold Gala Planned

Feb 5, 2011

The Tahlequah Hospital Foundation will host the Sixth Annual Hearts of Gold Gala on Feb. 12, 2011. The Gala, a fundraiser to support Tahlequah City Hospital, will raise money to help absorb the cost of caring for the uninsured, provide scholarships to students pursuing a career in healthcare and provide the latest in technology. 

Sponsored by Northeast Oklahoma Heart Center, the Gala will showcased the hospital’s growth over the last year as well as honored several individuals who have made a significant impact on healthcare in Tahlequah. 

“The awards given at the Gala are a great way to recognize the people who have made such great contributions to the community through their professional and volunteer service,” said Pamela Coonce, Foundation Board Member. “We have so many unsung heroes in this community and it’s a perfect opportunity to recognize them.” 

The three awards given are the Heart of Gold Award, recognizing volunteer Irene Chaney for her many hours of service to the Tahlequah City Hospital Auxiliary and the community, the McIntosh, Masters, Medearis Award, recognizing Dr. Coy Edwards for demonstrating clinical excellence and his many years of service, and the Thompson Award, recognizing Dr. Charles Gosnell for his instrumental role in Tahlequah’s history. 

“I think the Gala is important for our community,” said JoAnn Bradley, of the Tahlequah Hospital Authority Board of Trustees. “It gives the Foundation an opportunity to help the hospital purchase equipment, land and other needed resources. It also helps the hospital provide scholarships for its employees to obtain nursing and healthcare related degrees.” 

For tickets or more information on the Hearts of Gold Gala, call (918) 453-2373.